The VOID Rapture VR Specifications

The VOID Rapture VR detailed specifications*.

The VOID Rapture VR has two displays with 2048 × 1080 resolution per each eye which is equal to 2K. The Aspect ratio of a screen is 17:9. The pixel density is unknown. The VOID Rapture VR screen based on Curved OLED technology and field of view is 180°.

The VOID Rapture VR works in the chain with Rapture VEST, BACKTOP, MARK IV GUN.

All computing power of VR inside BACKTOP computer, which is located with batteries inside Rapture VEST. Thus gamer can move inside game field absolutely wirelessly.

The VOID Rapture VR was introduced in July 2016.

Below a list of detailed specifications of The VOID Rapture VR Headset and Raprure BACKTOP:

TypeCurved OLED
Diagonal Size (inches)n/a
Size (mm/in)n/a
Aspect ratio17:9
Pixels Per Inch (PPI)n/a
Resolution2 Displays

2048 × 1080 px (2K) per eye

Refresh Raten/a
Field of view180°
Degrees of Freedom (DoF)n/a
Lens (Type/D)n/a
OSCustom Bios and OS
CPU/GPUIntel Core i7

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980

Memory16GB DDR4
SensorsHand tracking by Leap Motion
Built-in audioBang and Olufsen headphones
Built-in micYes
Dimensions of VR (mm)n/a
Weight (g)n/a
Recommended pricen/a

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Controller specs

Haptic feedback
Input: Primary and Secondary trigger
Connections: Bluetooth



in box

What in the box:

Rapture HMD,
Rapture VEST,
Rapture BACKTOP,





Rapture VEST
Connections: Bluetooth peripheral pairing
Haptic feedback, 22 Haptic contact points



Photos & Media of The VOID Rapture VR

The VOID Rapture VR (4)

The VOID Rapture VR (5)

The VOID Rapture VR (1)

The VOID Rapture VR (2)

The VOID Rapture VR (13)

The VOID Rapture VR (14)

The VOID Rapture VR (16)

The VOID Rapture VR (10)

The VOID Rapture VR (7)

The VOID is a whole-body, fully immersive experience, with you, your friends and family walking around inside the action. It’s location-based entertainment – that means you visit one of our locations – and you walk into the real-time virtual reality that combines interactive sets, real-time effects, and amazing technology.

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*Note. can not guarantee that all screen tech specs of this device are 100% correct.
All information is provided for reference only.

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