Razer OSVR HDK 2

Razer OSVR HDK 2 screen Technical Specifications*.

The Razer OSVR HDK 2 was introduced in 2016.

Below a list of OSVR HDK 2 screen tech spec:

Diagonal (inches)6.0 inches
Size (mm/in)D (152 mm), H (133 mm), W (78 mm)

H (5.2 in), W (3.0 in)

Aspect ratio128:75
Pixels Per Inch (PPI)441
Resolution2160 × 1200 px

1200 × 1080 px per eye

Frames per second(FPS) 90 Hz
Field of view110°
Degrees of Freedom (DoF)n/a
Lens (Type/D)n/a


Dimensions (mm)n/a
Weight (g)n/a
Recommended price$ 399.99

(Exclude NOLO)

OSVR is a movement founded to create a universal open source VR ecosystem for technologies across different brands and companies. Giving you the freedom to combine different brands of HMDs and Controllers to experience VR the way they want to.

Features 2160 x 1200 dual-display technology (1080 X 1200 per eye) running 90fps designed for maximum virtual reality immersion combined with custom designed optics for vibrant, clear visuals that will blow you away at every turn.

Product consist of:

• VR headset

• NOLO tracking system




Official website

According to materials – OSVR.org
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