Post your VR device

We strongly believe that only mutually beneficial cooperation can bring the best results. From now we want to help all VR/AR developers. If you young startup which needs the attention we are ready to help. From now you don’t need to knock on each door and waiting for an answer you can write to us! If your device is ready to producing or on the late stage of developing or already produced – we ready to Post Your VR Device.

All you need is provide info about your device (in English) and that’s all. We will post your VR device!



How much will it cost for me?

– Absolutely nothing

What materials should I provide for you?

– Any media materials about your device. Like images, link to videos, press releases, materials with extended tech info, link to the website and etc.

If I’ll change my mind, can I change info or delete info about my device on your website?

– Yes, sure. Just write us

How soon my VR/AR device will be posted?

– Up to one week

Why are you doing this?

– We want to make VR/AR better

For any question and your applications –  Write US

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