Pimax 8K Specifications

Pimax 8K detailed specifications*.

The Pimax 8K VR has two displays with resolutions 3840 × 2160 px per each eye. The Aspect ratio of a screen is 16:9. The pixel density is unknown. Pimax 8K VR screen based on Customized Low Persistence Liquid (CLPL) technology and able to reproduce media content with refresh rate 90 Hz per eye and field of view is 200°.

The Pimax 8K was introduced in November 2016.

Below a list of detailed specifications of Pimax 8K Headset:

Type ScreenCLPL

(Customized low persistence liquid display)

Diagonal Size (inches)n/a
Size (mm/in)n/a
Aspect ratio16:9
Pixels Per Inch (PPI)n/a
Resolution8K (2 Displays)

3840 × 2160 px (4K) per eye

Refresh Rate90 Hz per eye

Support 180 Hz with Brainwarp

Field of view200°
Degrees of Freedom (DoF)n/a
Lens (Type)Fresnel optics

PiHome, Steam VR, Oculus Home

Built-in audioYes
Built-in micYes
ConnectionsDP1.4, USB 3.0,

2 x 3.5 mm audio jack

Dimensions of VR (mm)n/a
Weight (g)n/a
Recommended price$ 799
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Controller specs

Sensors: n/a
Input: n/a
Use per charge: n/a
Connections: n/a



Recommended Minimum Computer Specs

Graphics: n/a
Video out: n/a
Processor: GTX 980/1070 or AMD R9 Nano, equivalent or better
Memory: n/a



in box

What in the box:

Pimax VR Headset,
2 wireless controllers, 2 base stations,
position tracking camera






Pimax Base Stations
Pimax Position tracking camera


Photos & Media of Pimax 8K

Pimax 8K (4)

Pimax 8K (4)

Pimax 8K (1)

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Pimax 8K (3)

Pimax 8K (5)

Pimax 8K is a cutting-edge virtual reality device designed for VR futurists. Our goal is to create an intuitive VR without the shade of the headset, and sharp enough that you won’t be disturbed by pixels.


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According to materials – PimaxVR.com

*Note. SizeScreens.com can not guarantee that all screen tech specs of this device are 100% correct.
All information is provided for reference only.

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