Merge VR/AR Goggles Specifications

Merge VR/AR Goggles detailed specifications*.

The Merge VR/AR Goggles сompatible with smartphones from 123 mm to 158 mm in size. The Aspect ratio and the pixel density depends on the smartphone. Merge VR/AR Goggles is able to reproduce media content with the refresh rate of 60 Hz or above and field of view are 96°.

The Merge VR/AR Goggles was introduced in 2017.

Below a list of detailed specifications of Merge VR/AR Goggles Headset:

Type Screendepends on smartphone
Diagonal Size (inches)depends on smartphone
Size (mm/in)depends on smartphone
Aspect ratiodepends on smartphone
Pixels Per Inch (PPI)depends on smartphone
Resolutiondepends on smartphone
Refresh Rate60 Hz or above
Field of view96°
Lens (Type/D)n/a

42 mm

Interpupillary distance (IPD)Yes

Google Cardboard,

Apps available at

ControlLeft and Right Input Buttons
Dimensions of VR (inches)7.5 × 5.5 × 4.0
Weight (ounces)12
Recommended price$ 49.99

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bodyRecommended smartphone specs

Dimensions: from 123 mm to 158 mm
OS: IOS/Android
Sensors: n/a




in box

What in the box:

Merge Headset, Optional Adjustable Headstrap,
Getting Started Guide, Health and Safety Guide,






MERGE 6Dof Blaster




Photos & Media of Merge VR/AR Goggles

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Step into the future of play — just drop in your smartphone and let the MERGE VR/AR Goggles transport you to virtual worlds

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*Note. can not guarantee that all screen tech specs of this device are 100% correct.
All information is provided for reference only.

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